REENTRY mentoring Program's mission:

The Mentoring Program provides support and guidance to formerly incarcerated adults, referred to as Transformative Society Builders*, with navigating available community resources as they develop personal skills to successfully transition back into their communities.


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Program goals and objectives:


  • Provide support from mentors that will assist participants in successfully navigating community resources
  • Build a co-support network that will enhance the dignity of participants by helping them overcome barriers
  • Increase participants' confidence and capacity for positive outcomes
  • Decrease rates of recidivism

Eligibility Requirements:


  • Able to work 6 months to one year and commit to regularly meeting with their participants
  • Previously incarcerated but has been out of jail/prison for at least 3-5 years
    • Note: Will need to pass background checks; each situation will be evaluated on a case by case basis
  • Has knowledge and experience in navigating community resources
  • Has adequate and reliable transportation or has access to adequate and reliable transportation or is familiar with using public transportation
  • Has a flexible schedule and is willing to attend training and meetings with Coordinator
  • Is open and has access to different forms of communication
  • Follows through with commitments, organized and willing to learn
  • Has experience working with racially and culturally diverse groups of people
  • Able to be non-judgmental
  • Agrees to follow program policies and procedures, including confidentiality policies


  • 18 years of age or a legally emancipated minor
  • Anyone preparing for release from state or federal prison or jail in Tompkins County
    • Note: If a potential participant is within 90 days of being released, they will connect via letter writing, prison visitation and phone contact through a lead agency or partner organization
  • Anyone who works, lives, or goes to school in Tompkins County and was previously incarcerated
*TRANSFORMATIVE SOCIETY BUILDERS are individuals seeking to transform society by building community and cultivating solidarity, equity and inclusion, through the lens of social justice. The term was created by the URO Development group to be positive and self defining.

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