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Racism: Interpersonal

Interpersonal Racism - Definitions and examples of interpersonal racism.

Racial Equity Tools - A website that offers tools, research, tips, and curricula for working towards racial equity.

Your Stories of Racism - A collection of personal experiences of interpersonal racism. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the first installment.

Racism: Structural

Structural Racism - Definitions of structural racism and related terms.

Dismantling Structural Racism - An overview of the history of structural racism and how to develop racial justice policies.

Racial Equity Impact Assessment - Tools and strategies to determine how different racial and ethnic groups will be affected by a proposed action or decision.

Black Lives Matter - The official website for Black Lives Matter: a movement which seeks to work towards a world where Black lives are no longer systemically and intentionally targeted for demise.

Dismantling Racism - A workbook describing assumptions and the consequences of internalization. It also provides tools for action.

Black Youth Project - A platform for young Black Americans to empower and uplift their lived experiences through research, articles, and action.

Microaggression & Bigotry

Recognizing Microaggressions - A guide to recognizing microaggressions in everyday life and the messages they send.

4 Videos on Microaggressions - A humorous way to help people understand microaggressions.

Responding to Bigotry - A guide to standing up to bigotry in several different contexts. 


Indigenous Values Initiative - Promoting values expressed by the leadership of the Onondaga Nation, the Central Fire (or Capital) of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy.

Indigenous Ways of Knowing - A tribal toolkit and guide for LGBT equity in Indian country.

American Indian Movement - A civil rights activist organization promoting self-determination among Native Americans and recognition of their treaty rights.

Cayuga Nation - An overview of the culture and government of Cayuga Nation.

Cultural Survival - An organization that supports and empowers indigenous peoples to advocate for their rights.


Unsettling America - Documenting decolonization from the grassroots level.

Awakening the Horse People: Heart of Decolonization - Practical tools, understandings, and resources that can aid healing movements of decolonization, ancestral recovery, and re-indigenization for white people of European heritage.

Cultural Sensitivity

What is Cultural Sensitivity? An overview and definition of cultural sensitivity

Cultural Awareness - Lessons and skills for cultural awareness.

Cultural Competency - Readings on multicultural collaboration, building inclusive communities, healing, etc.

Environmental Justice

Environmental Justice Movement - An overview and history of the movement.

Principles of Environmental Justice

Environmental Justice Resources for Community Health - A hub of information regarding environmental laws, models and recommendations for advancing environmental justice, etc.

Best Practices for Local Governments - Advising local governments on how to best achieve environmental justice.


Critical Resistance - A movement to end the Prison Industrial Complex.

Reentry Anonymous - A 12 step program focusing on the challenges of reentry accessed through conference calls.

Ex-Offender's Guide - An overview of strategies and tips for successful re-entry.

Beyond Bars: Rejoining Society After Prison - A book available for purchase with tips on interacting with family, finding a job, money issues, etc.

Helping Ex-Prisoners Make Decisions - A guide on how to encourage and care for a recently released loved one.


White Allies for Racial Justice - Guidelines for being strong White allies.

Neighbors Of the Onondaga Nation - A grassroots organization that supports the goals of the Onondaga Nation.

LGBT Allyship - A short guide for LGBT allyship.

Radical Self-Love

The Body is Not an Apology - Articles and resources to support self-love and value in many areas including physical appearance, mental health, gender, sexuality, race, etc.


Transgender Equality - The National Center for Transgender Equality covers a wide variety of transgender issues and provides resources on transgender rights.

Gender Equality Resource - An overview of gender equality and it's importance.

Gender Spectrum Glossary


Planned Parenthood - An organization that provides reproductive health care and comprehensive sex education.

LGBT Rights - Provides an overview of rights, current issues in the LGBT community, and a resource for reporting discrimination.

It Gets Better Project - A project to support LGBT youth through video.

The Parents Project - Resources and advice for parents of LGBTQ children.

Human Rights Campaign - News about the LGBT community and tools for action.


#RaceAnd - Explores intersections between Race and other issues such as gender, class, immigration status, body, disability and sexuality.

Educational Materials

Zinn Education Project - Provides teaching materials that emphasize the role of working people, women, people of color, and organized social movements in shaping history.

Teaching for Change - A booklist for multicultural and social justice resources.

Asian American Curriculum Project - Resources to educate people about the diversity of the Asian American experience.

Teaching Tolerance - Lesson plans on race/ethnicity, immigration, class, bullying and bias, religion, rights and activism, gender and sexual identity.