WHAT IS the Ultimate Reentry Opportunity (URO)?

The URO is an initiative of the Multicultural Resource Center (MRC), established in 2014, dedicated to facilitating collective community work between private and public sectors and returning individuals, referred to as Transformative Society Builders*, to actively transform the culture and process of reentry.

URO’S Framework:

    The URO has uniquely positioned itself to create and model a framework that guides processes, policies and services for and by individuals transitioning from jail and prison into their communities. Since URO’s inception, our work and approach has been guided, shaped and supported by Transformative Society Builders, their families and advocates, which has been central to URO’s success. We are investing intentional time into fostering affinity, trust, dialogue and solidarity, which are key to dismantling the recidivism cycle.

    URO’S Goals and PLAN of action:

    We have identified the following actions to support URO’s overarching outcomes goals to reduce recidivism, improve public safety, and assist individuals with successfully integrating into their communities.

    • Provide a common table where voices and efforts across sectors in our communities are working collectively to identify and address barriers and needs within existing services, programs, support systems, and social conditions to enhance successful reentry. 
    • Coordinate a Reentry Mentoring Program to create a culture and system that welcomes and supports the successful reintegration of Transformative Society Builders.
    • Inform future policy decisions by actively staying abreast with and participating in city and county processes and activities that impact reentry.
    • Coordinate the collection, storage, and access of data for guiding informed decisions about priorities that can be used across reentry programs and services in the County.
    • Support funding strategies and attracting funding for activities that support our communities' common reentry agenda and goals.

    In doing this work, we recognize and value all members of our community, including those who are involved in the criminal justice system, survivors, and families.

    URO Newsletter

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    get involved 

    There are several opportunities to get involved and join our collective movement: 

    • URO Development Group (open only to Transformative Society Builders and their families) - Meets every Thursday from 5:30-7:00pm at 516 W. MLK Jr./State Street, in Ithaca. Food provided.
    • URO Community Working Groups (Housing, Employment, Transportation, Mental Health & Wellness, and Academia) - Community Working Groups help to choose and implement strategies, engage community members, and track progress towards a common agenda and goals. Meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of every month. Locations subject to change. Please email URO@multiculturalresourcecenter.org for more information
    *TRANSFORMATIVE SOCIETY BUILDERS are individuals seeking to transform society by building community and cultivating solidarity, equity and inclusion, through the lens of social justice. The term was created by the URO Development group to be positive and self defining.




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